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There has to be someone in your life, who motivates and appreciates you for everything you do. There are times, when things do not seem to work well and other times, when there is too much to work on. In this condition, if your boss becomes a friend and guides you through all the ups and downs, what can be better than it? sajid 14

The famous film maker Sajid Nadiadwala is one such boss of his team, who is always there for them. He is the main source of motivation on the sets of his movies. Whether it is inspiring his team members to work harder, or appreciating them for their work, the producer is always on the top. He believes that he would have not made such amazing films so far without their support. He also is a backbone for the crew because they can always turn up to him for anything as well as everything.

Sajid Nadiadwala creates a positive environment when at work, which aids his team in delivering the wonderful movies. This man emits a kind of energy that no other 47 year old man can. This is the chief reason behind his success. When it comes to working with actors and actresses, the producer knows how to make them feel comfortable. He never gets hyper on small things or end up making someone feel inferior. The skilled producer values every person of his cast and crew.

There is no doubt that Sajid is the true source of motivation because he is a person with such positive energy, which hardly lets him feel low. In addition, someone who has started his or her career from scratch will know how important it is to value people and their work. In spite of having an already set up hold in the film production business, Sajid Nadiadwala chose to begin from the beginning. Hats off to this man!


After the famous producer Sajid Nadiadwala joined hands with director Kabir Khan and actor Saif Ali Khan for an untitled political thriller that is going on floors this year, the producer has another team up in mind. This time it is with director Imitiaz Ali and the charming actor Ranbir Kapoor. Yet another untitled movie is on the list for this ace producer, who has been looking forward to working with the youngster Ranbir Kapoor since long now. After Anjaana Anjaani, Sajid and Ranbir did not get a chance to come back together. Therefore, post the success of Rockstar, Sajid wished to make a sequel to it with Ranbir and Imitiaz. Sajid Ranbir Imtiaz

However, those plans did not work out as well. Ranbir got busy with other films and this trio could not go ahead with anything. By the time Ranbir gets free, Sajid Nadiadwala and Imitiaz have decided to work on other films. The two are already working on ‘Highway’, which is a movie with a thrilling concept and revolves around our country India. Off late, it is in news that Ranbir Kapoor has finally given his dates to the talented producer Sajid Nadiadwala and director Imitiaz Ali for their next. This film is a comedy, which is Sajid’s favorite genre. According to the producer, it is going to be a complete fun-filled entertainer that will make people laugh to no limits.

It is said that the shooting will be done in some breathtaking locations of the continent of Europe. The project is not going on floors before the next year as the trio Sajid, Imitiaz, and Ranbir are already busy with their respective big releases this year. Once free from everything, the shooting will begin. The news also is that the Oscar winning music director and singer A.R. Rehman will lend his mesmerizing music to this film.

With a sizzling combination of these four extremely professional as well as talented people of the film industry, it is worth waiting for the movie to hit the theatres!

Many directors and producers have been in demand either by actors as well as actresses or the public. There are celebrities, who want to work with these directors or under the banner of big producers. On the other hand, there are the viewers, who wish to watch movies made by their favorite film-makers. In the middle of all these demands and desires is the famous and talented producer of the Indian film industry, Mr. Sajid Nadiadwala. This man has been in Bollywood from past 25 years and is giving hits after hits from that time.

There are numerous actors and actresses in Bollywwod, who have always wanted to work with this skilled producer. He fulfilled some of these wishes by finally signing them. However, it was not possible to work with all of them. Sajid Nadiadwala is also very much in demand amongst fresh faces in the industry as he loves to work with these new talents. So, if you are a newbie and possess the ability to match up to Sajid’s expectations from an actor or director, surely try approaching him. He has a very down to earth personality that makes him even more popular because people appreciate someone, who is a star and yet polite.

This experienced producer cum writer has now turned director because Salman Khan wanted Sajid to direct him. Again, this shows how much his colleagues love the ace producer and also have trust in his work. Sajid Nadiadwala seems to be in demand amongst the people as well. He is coming up with half a dozen films, out of which some are to release this year and others the next year. Six films in two years surely means that more and more people want to watch films made by Sajid. His upcoming projects comprise of his directorial debut ‘Kick’; ‘2 States’, which he is co-producing with Karan Johar; debutant actor Tiger Shroff’s ‘Heropanti’; ‘Highway’ being directed by Imitiaz Ali; and an untitled political thriller with the famous Kabir Khan and Saif Ali Khan duo.

The high demand can be surely felt by this!


Not many people can excel at everything they do. In fact, very few people possess the expertise of carrying off anything well with their knowledge and experience. Such people are the multi-talented beings. They do not just boast of standing out at whatever comes their way, but they actually do it. However, there are some people, who have multiple talents and still they never like to brag aSajid 18bout it.

Similarly, we have one of the most famous film producers of Indian cinema Sajid Nadiadwala, who is a very down to earth personality. The entire film industry is proud to have this man as a part of Bollywood. He has made numerous films like Jeet, Judwaa, Mujhse Shaddi Karogi, Heyy Babyy, Houseful 1 and 2, which have been super hits. After his long and successful career in film production, Sajid tried his hands on writing scripts as well. He turned a writer with his movie Housefull 2 in 2012. After looking at the victory that this movie achieved, one can understand how well can he produce as well as write films. It is not easy to write lengthy scripts and later execute them as well. To be a complete multi-talented person, it takes a lot of efforts that Sajid Nadiadwala has been lately putting.

Producing and writing films did not stop this ace producer from sparing time to direct films as well. He has now turned director with his upcoming movie, ‘Kick’. He has bagged in Salman Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez to play the leads. It is in the news that Sajid Nadiadwala has written the story for this remake, and is busy directing as well as producing it. With this, he marks the record for being the most multi-talented celebrity in Bollywood. When he has played all the three important roles for the film ‘Kick’, it is surely going to gain much glory after its release!

Making a movie is not as easy as just going to a theatre, sitting for three hours in an air conditioned hall, and watching it with leisure. It involves more efforts, time, and money. A team needs to be built, which is big, efficient, as well as trustworthy. There are several stages of making a movie that include pre-production, production, post-production, and promotion. The producer has to take care of all these things and the finance. It sounds difficult, doesn’t it? sajid 15

With so much to do only for a single movie, just imagine how Sajid Nadiadwala is managing several movies together. The talented producer is juggling between five films at a time this year. He is producing an untitled political thriller being directed by Kabir Khan, which has Saif Ali Khan playing the male lead. Sajid is also debuting as a director with his Salman Khan starrer ‘Kick’. Jacqueline Fernandez is playing the female lead in it.

Author Chetan Bhagat’s book ‘2 States’ based on his real life love story will be portrayed through a film. This film is also being produced by Sajid Nadiadwala and has newcomers Arjun Kapoor and Alia Bhatt playing the romantic lead couple. The launch movie for Tiger Shroff named ‘Heropanti’ again is being produced under the banner ‘Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.’. There is more to Sajid’s long list this year. He is making a film ‘Highway’ that has been directed by Imtiaz Ali and has the newbie actress Alia Bhatt. This film has been shot in various parts of India giving it an ethnic look.

With all these projects being worked on in the same year, Sajid Nadiadwala barely has time to rest. Each of these is a big budget movie and involves an amazing cast. This experienced producer wants to thank his wonderful team, which is helping him to complete work in time and also with perfection. Sajid says that they all are very hard-working and are the biggest reason that he is able to handle so much at the same time!

We all are aware of the close friendship between the ace producer Sajid Nadiadwala and famous actor Salman Khan. They used to go to the same school and know each other since then. Both of them grew up in the same industry and share a strong bond since they did their first movie together. Their friendship is 19 years old and continues to grow stronger with each day. Sajid not only considers Salman to be his best friend, but also his brother. They discuss everything from movies to marriage and do not take a decision without each other’s advice. This great personal as well as professional bonding between the two keeps them going. son-subhan

Sajid Nadiadwala never refrains from talking about his love for Salman Khan. In fact, the ace producer expresses his desire in front of the media that he always wanted a son like Salman Khan. After Sajid’s elder son Subhaan was born, this wish of the producer was fulfilled. Ask how, to which Sajid Nadiadwala replies that Subhaan is very much like the versatile actor Salman. He is a replica of the star in every way. Most of Salman’s good qualities are present in Subhaan. On this, we can say that maybe Subhaan has got his acting skills from uncle Salman Khan. This Nadiadwala junior has worked in several films as a child actor, produced by his father. He was seen in ‘Heyy Babyy’ bullying actor Riteish Deshmukh with other 99 kids of almost his age. He also played the younger version of Akshay Kumar in the movie ‘Housefull’.

Sajid Nadiadwala proudly compares his son Subhaan to best friend Salman Khan and of course Salman himself does not mind this because he is very close to the Nadiadwala family. Sajid is very much proud to have a friend cum brother like Salman Khan and a wonderful son like Subhaan!

Film producer Sajid Nadiadwala is on a high since he has given the super hit movie ‘Housefull 2’. This movie made a collection of Rs. 200 crores from all over the globe and this is a huge amount. It is surely celebration time for the famous as well as talented producer. This year, he is breaking all the records by making 5 movies in varied genres at a time in different locations of thsajid_nadiadwala9e world.

This is not all, Sajid Nadiadwala has also turned a director this year with his upcoming movie ‘Kick’ for which, he has roped in Salman Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez as the leads. Sajid chose to take up directing after spending 25 successful years in the film industry as a producer due to the encouragement Salman has been offering him. On being motivated by his best friend Salman Khan, Sajid has finally turned a director for ‘Kick’, which is his dream project. Salman has been insisting Sajid to try his hands on directing films from past 10 years. Finally, he has been successful. According to Salman, Sajid Nadiadwala’s narrations are better than those of many other directors.

Another reason that Salman gave Sajid to turn director with ‘Kick’ was that the story cannot be executed well without Sajid’s directing skills. The producer had originally envisioned the concept for this remake and so it is his duty to take it to the next level. This film becomes more special for Sajid Nadiadwala because best friend Salman Khan is playing the lead role and has himself asked Sajid to direct the film.

With this, Sajid believes that he needs to put in extra efforts as many people including Salman have high expectations from him. The talented producer, who has now turned director also, has already got a lot of blessings from several big names in the film industry for starting with this new designation!