Has Salman inspired Sajid Nadiadwala to turn director?

Film producer Sajid Nadiadwala is on a high since he has given the super hit movie ‘Housefull 2’. This movie made a collection of Rs. 200 crores from all over the globe and this is a huge amount. It is surely celebration time for the famous as well as talented producer. This year, he is breaking all the records by making 5 movies in varied genres at a time in different locations of thsajid_nadiadwala9e world.

This is not all, Sajid Nadiadwala has also turned a director this year with his upcoming movie ‘Kick’ for which, he has roped in Salman Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez as the leads. Sajid chose to take up directing after spending 25 successful years in the film industry as a producer due to the encouragement Salman has been offering him. On being motivated by his best friend Salman Khan, Sajid has finally turned a director for ‘Kick’, which is his dream project. Salman has been insisting Sajid to try his hands on directing films from past 10 years. Finally, he has been successful. According to Salman, Sajid Nadiadwala’s narrations are better than those of many other directors.

Another reason that Salman gave Sajid to turn director with ‘Kick’ was that the story cannot be executed well without Sajid’s directing skills. The producer had originally envisioned the concept for this remake and so it is his duty to take it to the next level. This film becomes more special for Sajid Nadiadwala because best friend Salman Khan is playing the lead role and has himself asked Sajid to direct the film.

With this, Sajid believes that he needs to put in extra efforts as many people including Salman have high expectations from him. The talented producer, who has now turned director also, has already got a lot of blessings from several big names in the film industry for starting with this new designation!

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