What is Sajid Nadiadwala’s biggest challenge on the current date?

One might think that there is no fear a person will possess if he is successful and famous. This is not true. If a person is well-known as well as successful, then there is more to panic. After achieving so much victory, that person will not wish to see failure, which can be a severe threat due to the changing time. Yes, time is constantly changing and everything is developing like never before. If, one is not able to adapt to the new ways, then he or she will not be able to survive in the market for long.Sajid-Nadiadwala-13

Similarly, the very popular and experienced Indian film producer Sajid Nadiadwala finds his biggest challenge on current date to be the capability of altering himself with time. According to him, he needs to update himself continuously as per the modern trends. He cannot afford to stay back and watch everyone pass by. He should be able to adjust with the new set of people as well as thoughts around him in order to achieve success. For instance, the film industry is also undergoing rapid changes with new talents coming up with fresh concepts and scripts. Sajid Nadiadwala says that people will only invest their money where they find something of their interest. The tastes and preferences of the audiences are also changing. They have become more careful with choosing what they wish to watch and what not. In such a condition, Sajid definitely needs to modify himself and fulfill the demands of the viewers, if he wants to continue with his success stories.

In fact, the skilled film producer does not shy away from learning the current trends from his kids, who belong to the present generation. They know better about what the children of their ages like and take interest in. Sajid Nadiadwala overcomes this challenge of his life a little everyday by updating himself with the help of his kids!

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