Importance of birthdays for Sajid Nadiadwala

It is a common sight that people get excited, when their birthday month arrives. They start planning from the very first about celebrating it in a grand way. Shopping, lounge booking, preparing guests lists can be a part of their preparations as well, especially if the person is a big celebrity. A lavish party is usually thrown for close family members and friends. However, there is one such person in the film industry, who does not at all get excited about his birthday. He is none other than the very talented film producer of Indian cinema, Sajid Nadiadwala.

Celebs at Sajid Nadiadwala's Birthday bash

Sajid says that he is not a party person. However, his family as well as friends does not keep away from planning surprises for him every year on his birthday. The skilled producer feels that birthdays should be made special by doing something constructive on that day. He believes in rather polishing his skills over Indian cinema than celebrating his birthday. According to Sajid Nadiadwala, it is the best day to sit down and think about a new film or story that can be converted into a film that will entertain his audiences. This is how he can make up for his part of contribution to Bollywood and his profession.

Partying on his own birthday might not be one of his favorite things to do, but Sajid never fails to celebrate his sons’ birthdays with joy and pomp. The popular film celebrity feels that his sons Subhan Nadiawala and Sufyan Nadiadwala are responsible for making him a proud father and giving him immense happiness. This is the reason that he loves to rejoice on their birthdays.

Many would already know by now that Sajid Nadiadwala is not a self centered person. He likes to live for others, especially his wife, sons, mother, sister, and close friends. I am sure his wife Wardha, their two sons, and Sajid’s mother Shafaqat are the lucky ones to have a person like him in their lives!


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