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Releasing half a dozen big films back to back in a year is not a small deal. It must have taken a lot of efforts for Sajid Nadiadwala to deliver all the six in a row. Yet to hit the theatres, the producer’s six films are in their production as well as post-production stages respectively. 2014 seems to be a lucky year for the man because the amount of business he is going to do can only be imagined for now. Very firstly, he is coming up with Highway, which he is presenting worldwide. It will release on 21st February, 2014 and has Alia Bhatt along with Randeep Hooda as the leads. The road film has been written, directed, as well as produced by Imtiaz Ali. Sajid Director

Sajid Nadiadwala and Karan Johar’s co-production 2 States hits the theatres on 18th April, 2014 then. It is an adaptation of a book written by Chetan Bhagat with the same name. Newbie actors Arjun Kapoor and Alia Bhatt play the romantic lead couple. Heropanti will follow next, which marks the Bollywood debut of star kid Tiger Shroff and model Kriti Sanon, in May. Then it will be time for the famous producer’s directorial debut Kick that features best buddy Salman Khan in the main role. Jacqueline Fernandez and Randeep Hooda will also be seen in the movie in prominent roles. This film is much close to Sajid’s heart as he starts his directing career with it and it releases in July during Eid.

Lined up post these four films is the untitled political thriller that Sajid Nadiadwala is producing. Actors Saif Ali Khan and Katrina Kaif along with director Kabir Khan make the chief cast and crew of the anti-terrorism movie. Last but not the least, the producer cum director is coming back with a romantic comedy that has his favorite Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone pair in it. Again, Imtiaz Ali will direct this project. With six movies in his kitty, the skilled producer seems to be on the seventh cloud!


Bollywood actor Salman Khan is suffering from fever since some time now. However, his illness does not keep him away from his work. He is currently constantly shooting for Bigg Boss Season 7 as well as director-brother Sohail Khan’s film Jai Ho, despite of the high fever. It has also been heard that he developed a high temperature about six days ago, which is not ready to go down to normal yet. With Jai Ho releasing in January 2014, it needs to be completed well within the deadline. If, he delays shooting for his brother’s film because of his illness, then he will not be able to complete Sajid Nadiadwala’s  Kick. Sajid Nadiadwala

An insider close to Salman Khan said, “Recently he had some action sequences to shoot during the day, which he finished in time. Since the makers have already finalized a release date, he knew delaying the shoot would cause a lot of complications.” Sajid Nadiadwala’s directorial debut Kick, which the actor is expected to start working on in November, cannot suffer because of his fever is something that Salman feels. He is aware that any minor delay on Jai Ho would mount into a larger scheduling issue for Kick. The insider adds, “His dates are booked for the next two years, which is why he knows cancelling or postponing any shoots is not a viable option right now.”

Simultaneously, Salman is shooting for the reality show, which he hosts, even though he is not well. Also, his family and friends along with Sajid Nadiadwala have been suggesting him to get a detailed medical examination. Nevertheless, the Dabbang actor is persuading himself that his fever will be under control on its own soon. If it does not, then he will get the tests done according to a source. For now, Salman is taking the necessary rest at home along with shooting on a continuous basis!

Perfection is actually a very unjustified word because no one is perfect. With due respect to all the experienced and efficient professionals of our country, everyone makes mistakes and it is fine. We are all human beings after all and have the right to be wrong sometimes. A person is bound to make basic mistakes. He or she cannot be perfect all the time. Similarly, in Bollywood, some of the biggest as well as most successful producers, directors, writers, or stars can also make the wrong choices and take the faulty decisions in life. Sajid Nadiadwala, the popular film celebrity and producer himself says, “No one is flawless!”

As per his views, a producer, who has made amazingly great movies in the past, also can deliver a flop. There is nothing wrong in it. With numerous concepts, genres, and stories being introduced to the Indian cinema every year, it will get difficult for film makers to survive. The one, who have been in the industry from a really long time, might get outdated in near future. However, that is all acceptable and the audiences should take it positively. Sajid Nadiadwala believes that sometimes everything is alright including the cast, crew, story, and production. Nevertheless, the film fails because it does not get the correct platform, promotion, and maybe it lacks the luck factor. The luck factor works prominently in this industry. Destiny counts even if you do a lot of hard work and are really skilled.

The right time is something that one requires. Many times, a star also fails at giving his or her best to the movie, which is bound to happen with such packed shooting and promotion schedules. Film making is interesting, yet tiresome. It is complicated and requires a lot of strength, both physically and mentally. Sajid Nadiadwala does not find it immoral to be at fault, which is normal in all the fields!

Looking for the right cast is an essential as well as tough job for the film makers. Someone, who does not suit the role or cannot adapt to the character might ruin the entire film. In order to avoid this, much care needs to be taken while selecting the actors and actresses. Popular film celebrity Sajid Nadiadwala is an experienced producer and is well aware about the features to look for when finalizing the cast. He has been doing it for a long time now and is known for having the best cast in his movies. His upcoming film Heropanti, through which he is launching the very talented star kid Tiger Shroff, will release in May next year.

M_Id_351876_Kriti_SanonThe cast and crew of Heropanti had started shooting initially without the lead actress. Confusion was created in the media about the leading lady as the rumors always had a new name adding to the cast of the movie. Finally, we know that Sajid Nadiadwala has roped in Kriti Sanon as the female lead opposite debutant Tiger Shroff in Heropanti. Kriti also starts her film career in Bollywood with this action romance flick. She is an Indian model turned actress, who was last seen in a Telugu film named ‘One ‘with Mahesh Babu. The young actress has also done numerous television commercials. Born in New Delhi, the girl is also an expert Kathak dancer, which is an advantage to the film. Having a degree in Bachelor of Technology in Electronics, no one would have thought of watching her acting in a movie.

The producer Sajid Nadiadwala has a good reason to choose Kriti as the lead, due to her experience in the industry, though a debutant in Bollywood. As per sources, she has modeled for Ritu Beri, Suneet Varma, and Niki Mahajan. She also appeared in TV ads, endorsing familiar brands like Close Up, Vivel, Amul, Samsung, and Himalaya. Thus, Kriti Sanon seems to be the right choice!

India is a country, where aspects like culture, non-violence, and brotherhood have been very prominent from the day our country got independent. India attained independence with the help of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi approximately 60 years ago. We remember him affectionately as the Father of the Nation. He was a one man army, who left behind a rich heritage of inspirational views and values. Nevertheless, agreeing to his way of life means inculcating his values within us even today. One such stanch follower of our dear Mahatma Gandhi is Indian film producer Sajid Nadiadwala.sep04-saalt-gandhiji

The famous producer himself believes that nothing can be achieved by being violent or aggressive. Everything has to be done with patience and love. He has never been into any such controversies, which film celebrities usually are part of, where they are fighting or abusing other people. He has maintained a good reputation in Bollywood and people continue to respect him for the same. Remembering Mahatma Gandhi on his birthday, which was on 2nd of this month, Sajid Nadiadwala said, “Most issues, whether they are global problems or something as simple as dealing with the clash of two releases, can be sorted out by initiating dialogue. The common threads in the solution are patience and respect and Gandhi propagated these. His teachings have never been more relevant.” The skilled producer cum director was all praises for the Father of our Nation on Gandhi Jayanti.

We should be proud that a top film personality like Sajid Nadiadwala possesses firm belief in ideologies that Gandhi had adapted. He also prefers to rather discuss things than getting hyper, which might lead to dirty fights. Peace is something that he wants and would like to spread. Now, at least there is someone so matured after Mahatma Gandhi, who knows that violence is not the right solution. Sigh of relief!

A film has to go through several stages before it is finally released. However, sometimes it also has to go through certain difficulties that cannot be avoided. It depends on the film maker, whether he or she wants to keep calm and face the situation with patience, or go completely berserk over the issue. One such movie that is in its shooting stage and has gone through a lot of troubles in its first schedule is Sajid Nadiadwala’s ‘Kick’. Till the newly turned director left for London, he was fine. He knew that he had to visit the set and do the usual ‘sound, camera, and action’. However, it had come as a shock, when the entire crew already started shooting and the actor was missing from the set.

Salman Khan, the lead actor of Kick could not reach the set due to a change in the visa policy that kept him aloof from getting a visa to London. Though, it was an unlucky situation and no one could be blamed, the producer cum director kept his calm. Somewhere, the director inside Sajid Nadiadwala was worried, but not the producer himself. He says,I have learned in the last 25 years is that every 8-10 years you face a situation like this. And how you face it is what defines you as a person and your banner. Ninety per cent of the times, filming is a cakewalk. You start it, shoot it and release it without any major hassles. Later comes along one film that gets stuck or faces unusual problems. If you sail through that, you can tide over the next 25 years.”

This is the major reason behind Sajid Nadiadwala always easily managing to keep calm in difficult situations like this one. According to him, we eventually realize that anything we go through during the making of a film does not matter in the end. What matters is how the movie comes out to be, when presented on the big screen!

It is heartening to see others getting happy for you and contributing to the celebration in their own little way. Same was felt by the ace producer of Indian cinema Sajid Nadiadwala some time back, when the news of him turning a director came out as a surprise to many. He is finally debuting as a director with his ‘close to heart’ story of the telugu movie ‘Kick’. He is making a remake to the film and also maintaining the same name. On being suggested and convinced by best friend Salman Khan to turn a director with Kick, who is also starring in the film, Sajid had no other option than agreeing.

Sajid DirectorSajid Nadiadwala believes that all the people, who have been there for as well as with him in his growing years, are very lucky for him. He immediately met all of them, in order to attain the most needed inspiration and appreciation. The newly turned director says, “I know it sounds filmy, but I want the blessings of all the people who are important and close to me. I even met all my directors (David), my actors (Govinda), and Salim (Khan) uncle.” Good buddies and family friends, Sajid Khan as well as Shirish Kunder also gave their thumbs up to Sajid Nadiadwala as a sign of good luck.

Everyone also gave him the best advice they could give. Salim uncle (Salman Khan’s father) enlightened Sajid about ways to build a scene and how to get the maximum message sent out with the minimum lines. Director and friend David Dhawan told Sajid Nadiadwala to not to worry about the location, when he has Salman Khan in the movie, which is one significant thing to concentrate on. Director Imtiaz Ali, who is working with the talented director turned producer in two films, advised him, “Just feel it! Get yourself into it and you can’t go wrong.”

With all of this, it was showering blessings and advices for Sajid. He says, “For me, it was a nice basket of a lot of thoughts!”