How does Sajid Nadiadwala manage to keep calm in difficult situations?

A film has to go through several stages before it is finally released. However, sometimes it also has to go through certain difficulties that cannot be avoided. It depends on the film maker, whether he or she wants to keep calm and face the situation with patience, or go completely berserk over the issue. One such movie that is in its shooting stage and has gone through a lot of troubles in its first schedule is Sajid Nadiadwala’s ‘Kick’. Till the newly turned director left for London, he was fine. He knew that he had to visit the set and do the usual ‘sound, camera, and action’. However, it had come as a shock, when the entire crew already started shooting and the actor was missing from the set.

Salman Khan, the lead actor of Kick could not reach the set due to a change in the visa policy that kept him aloof from getting a visa to London. Though, it was an unlucky situation and no one could be blamed, the producer cum director kept his calm. Somewhere, the director inside Sajid Nadiadwala was worried, but not the producer himself. He says,I have learned in the last 25 years is that every 8-10 years you face a situation like this. And how you face it is what defines you as a person and your banner. Ninety per cent of the times, filming is a cakewalk. You start it, shoot it and release it without any major hassles. Later comes along one film that gets stuck or faces unusual problems. If you sail through that, you can tide over the next 25 years.”

This is the major reason behind Sajid Nadiadwala always easily managing to keep calm in difficult situations like this one. According to him, we eventually realize that anything we go through during the making of a film does not matter in the end. What matters is how the movie comes out to be, when presented on the big screen!


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