Sajid Nadiadwala finds relevance in teachings of Mahatma Gandhi!

India is a country, where aspects like culture, non-violence, and brotherhood have been very prominent from the day our country got independent. India attained independence with the help of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi approximately 60 years ago. We remember him affectionately as the Father of the Nation. He was a one man army, who left behind a rich heritage of inspirational views and values. Nevertheless, agreeing to his way of life means inculcating his values within us even today. One such stanch follower of our dear Mahatma Gandhi is Indian film producer Sajid Nadiadwala.sep04-saalt-gandhiji

The famous producer himself believes that nothing can be achieved by being violent or aggressive. Everything has to be done with patience and love. He has never been into any such controversies, which film celebrities usually are part of, where they are fighting or abusing other people. He has maintained a good reputation in Bollywood and people continue to respect him for the same. Remembering Mahatma Gandhi on his birthday, which was on 2nd of this month, Sajid Nadiadwala said, “Most issues, whether they are global problems or something as simple as dealing with the clash of two releases, can be sorted out by initiating dialogue. The common threads in the solution are patience and respect and Gandhi propagated these. His teachings have never been more relevant.” The skilled producer cum director was all praises for the Father of our Nation on Gandhi Jayanti.

We should be proud that a top film personality like Sajid Nadiadwala possesses firm belief in ideologies that Gandhi had adapted. He also prefers to rather discuss things than getting hyper, which might lead to dirty fights. Peace is something that he wants and would like to spread. Now, at least there is someone so matured after Mahatma Gandhi, who knows that violence is not the right solution. Sigh of relief!


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