“No one is flawless!” – Sajid Nadiadwala

Perfection is actually a very unjustified word because no one is perfect. With due respect to all the experienced and efficient professionals of our country, everyone makes mistakes and it is fine. We are all human beings after all and have the right to be wrong sometimes. A person is bound to make basic mistakes. He or she cannot be perfect all the time. Similarly, in Bollywood, some of the biggest as well as most successful producers, directors, writers, or stars can also make the wrong choices and take the faulty decisions in life. Sajid Nadiadwala, the popular film celebrity and producer himself says, “No one is flawless!”

As per his views, a producer, who has made amazingly great movies in the past, also can deliver a flop. There is nothing wrong in it. With numerous concepts, genres, and stories being introduced to the Indian cinema every year, it will get difficult for film makers to survive. The one, who have been in the industry from a really long time, might get outdated in near future. However, that is all acceptable and the audiences should take it positively. Sajid Nadiadwala believes that sometimes everything is alright including the cast, crew, story, and production. Nevertheless, the film fails because it does not get the correct platform, promotion, and maybe it lacks the luck factor. The luck factor works prominently in this industry. Destiny counts even if you do a lot of hard work and are really skilled.

The right time is something that one requires. Many times, a star also fails at giving his or her best to the movie, which is bound to happen with such packed shooting and promotion schedules. Film making is interesting, yet tiresome. It is complicated and requires a lot of strength, both physically and mentally. Sajid Nadiadwala does not find it immoral to be at fault, which is normal in all the fields!


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