“The cost of making a film is not important, the script is!” – Sajid Nadiadwala

Over 100 films are made in Bollywood every year; some small, some big. Sometimes, a big budget movie is unable to fetch the appreciation, but the small budget movie does exceptionally well. So, basically the capital involved in the making of a film does not really matter. It is all about the concept and script. Well, this is not something that we are boasting about. It has been voiced by the talented and popular film maker of Bollywood Sajid Nadiadwala. He strictly believes that the small budget movies cannot be considered less effective than the big budget films just because of the money invested. Sajid Nadiadwala

Sajid Nadiadwala confirming the news says, “See, the super success of 3 Idiots had taught us that the cost of making a film is not important at all; it is all about things going well at the script level. At the end of the day everyone has his own style of making a film and add the kind of ingredients, which he feels would be good enough to entice audiences. The directors of my film have their own way of making a movie and I am confident that they would turn out to be a good outing for everyone associated with it.” The skilled producer explains about the basics of film making by saying this. He has more experience in this industry and thus, he saying this makes a lot of sense. All the upcoming producers and directors should take this as a suggestion from him, which will really be very helpful.

Sajid Nadiadwala makes movies, irrespective of the budget. He says, “My cost is my budget; my budget is not my cost.” He never has an intention of making a film with a big budget, but when he starts with the making, the budget goes on increasing on its own, only for the better!

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