Sajid Nadiadwala left shocked by the Lebanese intelligence officers!

Phantom, a movie said to be released in 2014 being produced by Sajid Nadiadwala’s Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. is an action thriller. The film features actors Saif Ali Khan and Katrina Kaif as the lead couple. It is being directed by the talented director Kabir Khan, which is famous for shooting in volatile war zones in his previous films. In Phantom, again the director is shooting at a severe war struck location at the Lebanon-Syria border. As we all know about the ill effects of shooting at such a place, Kabir was still keen on going ahead with the shoot. It is said that Kabir Khan doesn’t let it withhold him from bringing to his audiences a real taste of bold filmmaking.Sajid-Nadiadwala2

Nevertheless, while shooting for Sajid Nadiadwala’s Phantom, the director alerted the Israeli Intelligence agencies. He wanted to show in a scene in the movie that the cast is crossing the border for a refuge scene. This led to making the surveillance agencies absolutely doubtful and they came down to the film’s sets to check the credibility of the shoot. A source said, “Though the Israeli intelligence agencies are considered to be the swiftest and sharpest ever, they were duped this time by mistakenly assuming the shooting for real.”

Kabir Khan confirming the news said, “We were shooting on the Lebanon-Syria border and had re-created a refugee camp. Intelligence officials got suspicious as we were shooting with military vehicles, jeeps, trucks, real guns and hundreds of people dressed as refugees. We found planes flying over us. We had to clarify that it’s a film shoot. We were called up by the Lebanese military officials to find out where exactly we were shooting as we had taken permission from the Lebanese army to film in certain places.”

By then all this had also put the producer of Phantom Sajid Nadiadwala at shock as they had already got the needed permissions before starting the shoot. The Intelligence officers confirmed that it was only a film shoot only after checking everything thoroughly!


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