Imtiaz Ali shares his experiences of making the Sajid Nadiadwala presentation ‘Highway’!

Shooting for a film is always an experience, where you get to learn so many things. Be it the director, producer, actors, or the crew, there is something for everyone to learn. Similarly, director Imtiaz Ali, who is coming up with the film Highway next year has a lot of experiences, both good as well as stressful, to share with the audience before the release. While Imtiaz has written, directed, as well as produced Highway, film producer Sajid Nadiadwala is presenting it worldwide. Actors Randeep Hooda and Alia Bhatt are playing the leads in this road film, which releases on 21st February, 2014. UTV Motion Pictures is distributing the movie.


Shot across 6 north Indian states, Highway was a stressful project in terms of execution. To make it realistic the director left no stone unturned while choosing the locations to shoot at. When asked whether shooting in Jamshedpur was an easy task and was he able to fit in there, Imtiaz replies, “I fit in anywhere and everywhere. But sometimes, when you visit a far flung place like the ones we did during Highway, you have trouble digesting the local food because we are no longer used to anything organic and pure.” This shows that are many risks and problems one has to face during the shoot and it is not at all relaxing. Confirming this director added, “It is idyllic but not without its conflicts. In Haryana locals came to watch the shoot drunk, brandishing guns, and when the security tried to keep them at bay, threatened to shoot them.”

However, Sajid Nadiadwala could not accompany the team to these locations during the shoot due to his busy schedule. Also, talking about his experience with shooting in Jammu & Kashmir Imtiaz said, “Shooting in J & K is always pleasant and peaceful. You may see someone with a gun in Haryana, may be even Mumbai, but the police in the Valley is so vigilant that a local would be immediately arrested if he were carrying a firearm!”


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