The December 8 ban might bring Sajid Nadiadwala’s ‘Kick’ and the film fraternity to a standstill!

It is definitely not good news for famous Indian film producer Sajid Nadiadwala as well as the entire film fraternity. News is that the Western India Motion Picture and Television Sound Engineers Association have issued a non-cooperation directive to the Indian cinema saying that the workers will go on a strike from 8th December this year. None of them will work until the problems have been resolved. Other bodies like the Association of Cine and Television Art Directors, Cine Costume and Make Up Association, Cine and TV Artists Association, Film Studio Setting and Allied Mazdoor Union, Mahila Kalakar Sangh Film Association and Cine Dancer’s Association are also supporting them for the same.

In such a situation, where multiple films are in their production stage are said to be affected with the ban. If all the workers stop working, then the industry will come to a standstill leading to losses to producers. One of these movies, which will be hampered is the Sajid Nadiadwala written, directed, and produced Kick.  The movie will soon start shooting for its second schedule in Karjat, which will go up to 12th of December. This will make it difficult for the producer to wind up the shoot smoothly. Sajid had also requested the association for postponing the strike to 12th December, which was allegedly rejected. Being the president of Indian Film and Television Producers Council, Sajid has now been asked to find a solution to the matter.


The letter from the Association listed the issues of the workers, which read that the workers are not being granted leaves; the conveyance paid to them despite of odd working hours is not satisfactory, late payments, and sudden terminations are the reasons for the strike. President of sound engineers association B.N. Tiwari said, “We have no intention to bring the industry to a standstill but these are serious issues that need to be addressed at the earliest. We had to take this step to get ourselves heard.” This leaves Sajid Nadiadwala to be the one finding the correct solution!


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