Salman Khan to give up his two week holidays for Sajid Nadiadwala!

Many people like to work on certain rules and principles, be it the common man or a film celebrity. Similarly, the popular film maker of Indian cinema Sajid Nadiadwala is known for making a single movie at a time in two years. However, he has overcome that rule this year and will be releasing five films back to back in the next year. Also, his close friend Salman Khan, the superstar Bollywood actor is famous for taking approximately two weeks off between shooting for two films. This time, even he has given up on this habit. Discontinuing the principle of taking holidays between two shoots, Salman is currently shooting for brother Sohail Khan’s Jai Ho and will directly go on to shoot Sajid’s directorial debut Kick, once Jai Ho wraps up.

A source close to the actor says, “Salman is about to complete shooting for Jai Ho and directly get into the shoot schedule for the next project, Kick. It will be the big Eid release for next year, so Salman wants to give as much time as possible for its shooting.” The versatile actor has already booked dates in November and December to shoot for Sajid Nadiadwala’s Kick. He has almost completed filming all the scenes for Jai Ho by working overtime with his team. The source adds, “For Jai Ho, he will complete all the scenes except one song. The team has been working overtime. Salman has been staying at his Panvel home as the set for the film has been set up close by. Once he is done, he will return to Mumbai and start work on Kick.”


It was confirmed by a spokesperson for Kick and he said, “Salman is currently wrapping up the shoot for Jai Ho and will start shooting for Kick immediately after its completion. He is not even taking a small break, which he usually does between shooting two films”. This makes it clear that Salman has given up his two week holidays for best friend Sajid Nadiadwala!


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