The Kashmir episode of Highway Diaries by Sajid Nadiadwala and Imtiaz Ali!

The correct music can add soul to a plain baseless film. However, Highway is a very strong and meaningful story that goes around two people, which are opposite to each other in nature and personality. It is about the road journey that changes their life. This movie has been shot across 6 North Indian states that are different yet significant in their own way. The experiences of making this film have been put together to come up with the Highway Diaries. This time it is Kashmir that has been covered for an episode on Highway Diaries for the Sajid Nadiadwala presentation Highway. This project has been scripted by Imtiaz Ali, which is also directing and producing the film. Sajid is presenting it worldwide along with UTV Motion Pictures, who have bought the satellite rights of the movie.


According to Imtiaz, lending the correct type of music, specifically folk might work really well for Highway, which has been shot in diverse states and locations. This time it was Kashmir that is being showcased in the Highway Diaries. The video starts with Begum Jaan, the Gujari Folk Artist singing to the tunes of a Kashmiri folk song and Imtiaz patiently enjoying it. He was actually trying to choose the perfect one that would go with the scene. He wanted something that is full of soul and depicted pain that came right from the heart. The director said, “While the song should connect to the larger experience that Veera has in this film, it should still be about that time and place, about that culture of music.” We are sure that Sajid Nadiadwala is very happy to be a part of this interesting project.

Later, Imtiaz also convinced the gujari folk artist to sing the songs without the rhythm and at a slow pace. She had agreed and sung the songs again for the director, to which Imtiaz said, “Let’s do this, it is the best!” Sajid Nadiadwala presents Highway globally on 21st February, 2014!

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