Sajid Nadiadwala pushed Imtiaz Ali to produce ‘Highway’ so that a budget could be maintained!

The very talented director of Bollywood, who has already proved his direction skills in his previous hits like Jab We Met, Socha Na Tha, and Love Aaj Kal has finally stepped into the shoes of a producer. However, director Imtiaz Ali is not watching this as a career. He is very much happy with directing films and Highway is his first and last film produced. Imtiaz has also written as well as directed the movie. Having kept it a normally budgeted film, famous film producer Sajid Nadiadwala did not want to interfere in the project’s budget, and thus kept himself away from production this time. He is rather presenting Highway worldwide in association with UTV Motion Pictures. Talking about producing Highway himself, Imtiaz Ali said, “I felt that I had to produce this film because it needed to be made with care. It cannot be an assembly line kind o

Sajid Nadiadwala-Imtiaz Ali

Sajid Nadiadwala-Imtiaz Ali

f a thing. It needed to be more hand-made just like a kitchen workshop situation. So, I thought I should produce it as it needed delicate handling.”

Sajid Nadiadwala is very happy with the way the movie has turned out be and also the way Imtiaz handled everything with efficiency. Imtiaz is also excited for the venture and says, “It empowers you but you need to do it responsibly. It’s like a medicine which can turn into a poison if you have it too much. It empowers you to make the movies the way you want.”
Calling it his first and last production the director adds, “I am not going to produce another movie. The next that I am doing with Sajid Nadiadwala I will be just directing it.” Actors Alia Bhatt and Randeep will be seen playing the lead pair in this road film, which hits the theatres on 21st February this year. While Alia will be featured as a city slick seeking some freedom, Randeep will play her abductor. To unveil other interesting facts about the film, wait to watch on the big screen!


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