Sajid Nadiadwala says that fights are temporary but friendships are permanent!

It is said that the more you fight with your close ones, more love seems to develop between you two. Well, completely true or not, but a fight is a temporary phase, when it is between you and a family member or friend. People tend to gradually forget and forgive and that is how relationships are supposed to be. These points are not only applicable for common man, but also for the top celebrities, big personalities, and high class people. One such big personality, who thinks that fights are temporary, but friendships are permanent, is the ace Indian film producer Sajid Nadiadwala. The man is said to have many friends in the industry and also to know how to maintain those relationships for life. However, people on the media front had a question to ask him that if fights should be temporary, then why did he had a fallout with Sajid Khan, who had said that he sees Sajid as one of the four friends, who would carry him to his grave.Sajid Nadiadwala

Explaining the situation maturely Sajid Nadiadwala had answered, “Sometimes when you work, you can have problems. But it is just a matter of time. I feel so nice that I gave a friend a break as a director. If we have had seven bad months in a 17- year relationship, it is not bad. Sometimes you need space, you get irritated, but again you are back. We used to meet seven times a day, and then we didn’t meet for seven months, now we will meet once in seven days, then twice, then we might laugh at ourselves in two years, thinking, why we fought at all. Our fight is all temporary, only friendship is permanent.” Proving his words right Mr. Nadiadwala is now back on good terms with Mr. Khan. Therefore, we have to believe that Sajid is a true friend and knows how to retain friendships.


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