Sajid Nadiadwala throws a surprise birthday party of his crew member

Sajid Nadiadwala who is a well-known producer is also known to be a humanitarian like his good friend Salman Khan. The producer has turned director for his movie Kick, which is going to be released on 25th July 2014. Kick is currently being shot in the N.G. studios in Film City, Mumbai. The entire cast and crew are working hard each day to make the movie as amazing as Sajid has visioned it to be. Salman Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez are the lead pair of the film. Sajid has been working with more or less the same crew ever since he stepped into the industry. He considers his crew like his family and tries to make them feel special in any little way that he can.

Recently, Sajid did one such gesture for Hussain, who is a spot boy in his crew. Hussain has been working closely with Sajid Nadiadwala for quite a long time now, with absolute dedication and loyalty. Sajid remembered Hussain’s birthday and along with a few other crew members, arranged a small party for him. This party was a surprise for Hussain, who was working on the set just as he does on any other day. The shooting went on as usual and when the day came to an end and the crew was wrapping up, Sajid told Hussain that he wanted to discuss something with him. Under this pretext, he took Hussain to the room where the surprise was arranged. The room was fully decorated and the entire crew cheered a loud ‘Happy Birthday’. Hussain was thrilled to see what his crew had done for him. Sajid wanted to make him feel special and appreciated on his birthday and so he planned this party for him.

Hussain was thanking Sajid and all the other members of the crew for as long as the party lasted. He will definitely remember this day for the rest of his life; because it is so rarely that we find the time to do something special for people anymore. Sajid Nadiadwala is a great human being and has his own extravagant ways of expressing his love for people that he cares for.


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