Alia plays the first non-caricatural South Indian character in Bollywood – Sajid Nadiadwala

The Alia Bhatt starrer ‘2 States’ is a screen adaptation of Chetan Bhagat’s novel with the same name, which was published in 2009. This book is inspired by Chetan’s real life love story. It is being is co-produced by Sajid Nadiadwala’s banner Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment Pvt Ltd and Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions. Alia is playing the role of a south Indian girl from Chennai. This Tamil Brahmin girl falls in love with a North Indian Punjabi boy on the campus Sajid Nadiadwala 2 Statesof IIMA.

Since Alia is playing a south Indian girl in this film, comparison to Deepika Padukone’s character from Chennai Express is inevitable. Sajid Nadiadwala put the speculations to rest when he recently spoke about Ananya Swaminathan, Alia’s character in the film. He said, “Alia has played the first non-caricatural South Indian character in our films. Normally, when we show South Indians in our films they have thick accents, and if it’s a woman from the South she will have gajra in her hair and will go ‘Aiyo yo’ every five minutes. Alia does none of that.” He added further, “How do I explain this? Alia is Tamilian and she even talks in Tamil. But she behaves like a normal city wife.”

Alia Bhatt also spoke about her role in this Sajid Nadiadwala film and the difficulty she faced as she was specifically asked not to put on an accent. “I was not allowed to be culture-specific in 2 States in my body-language or my accent. Yes, I am a Tamilian in 2 States. But I don’t make a show of my regional roots. It is tough because when you are not resorting to speech and behavioral props you have no handy tools to give personality to your character,” said the 20 year old actor, who is basking in the success of her second hit in Bollywood, Highway. She will be seen opposite Arjun Kapoor, who is also 3 films old in the industry. 2 States, which is being presented worldwide by UTV Motion Pictures, is set to release on April 18 2014.


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