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One more dedicated and hard working actor in Bollywood is the Nawab Saab himself, Saif Ali Khan. He has worked in several films so far, both romantic and action. The charming man can carry off any role easily. He is currently shooting for a 26/11 terror attack in Mumbai based movie named Phantom produced by famous filmmaker Sajid Nadiadwala. The female lead opposite him is being played by actress Katrina Kaif. Director Kabir Khan who is well known for selection of rough shoot locations is directing Phantom. The entire cast and crew is shooting for the movie in Punjab, which has been recreated as Pakistan by Kabir. They have already completed shooting for the Mumbai and Kashmir schedules.

Sajid Nadiadwla

Due to such a hectic time at work, actor Saif Alia Khan is suffering from acute backache issues since a few days now. However, this does not hold him back from doing action scenes in Sajid Nadiadwala’s film Phantom. Talking about Saif’s condition, the doctor who is treating him said, “Saif has been suffering from a serious back pain due to lack of rest. I advised him bed rest but he was very eager to go for the shoot. Hence, he took physiotherapy, muscle relaxants and analgesic injection to get rid of the pain. I advised him to be careful with his back and he should not put stress there.” According to a source, as the film is slated to release in October this year, the actor does not want its release to delay just because of him. He along with Katrina is playing secret agents in Phantom that too from the counter terrorist side. Also, Katrina will play Saif’s love interest in this action flick.

Sajid Nadiadwala, the producer of Phantom has decided to release the film on 2nd October this year, which is Gandhi Jayanti!


Romance seems to be the hit genre this year. With movies fast adopting the famous rom-com genre, everything looks rose-tinted. Another romantic flick with loads of witty punches releasing this year is the screen adaptation 2 States. It is based on a book written by Chetan Bhagat with the same name. Filmmakers Sajid Nadiadwala and Karan Johar are co-producing the film, which stars newbie actors Arjun Kapoor and Alia Bhatt. While Arjun plays the role of a North Indian guy Krish Malhotra, Alia will be seen as a South Indian girl Ananya Swaminathan. The two meet at IIM Ahmedabad and fall in love with each other. The story of the film is about the ways that they put to practise in order to convince their respective parents for their marriage. Sajid Nadiadawla 2States movie Trailer












The trailer of this Sajid Nadiadwala and Karan Johar co-produced film is already out and has been winning hearts. People are madly in love with the way the trailer has come out. In fact, it has got more than 6 million hits so far. Talking about why he believes that the trailer works, Sajid said, “I feel the trailer works as it gives you the story of the film, which is a bit of comedy and a bit of romance. The film is balanced for both, the youth and the family audiences, and has thus helped it connect with a larger audience. The book is widely read and that too helps in enhanced viewing. Despite not having your quintessential big stars, the number of views is the best compliment to the trailer. My brief from Karan Johar was to have it instantly connect. Now, I just hope that the trailer viewing converts into box office numbers.”

So, are you eagerly waiting for this beautiful film to hit the theatres soon? Sajid Nadiadwala and Karan Johar release 2 States on 18th April this year!

This man can do anything to get a scene right in his film. He is perfect when it comes to producing big budget projects in Bollywood. And now, he is debuting as a director with his next production Kick. Kick is a remake of the Telugu movie with the same name. With actors Salman Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez in the lead, producer and newly turned director Sajid Nadiadwala is leaving no stone unturned to make Kick big. After shooting for multiple schedules in Mumbai and Karjat, the film is now being shot in Delhi. Earlier a masked Salman was seen chasing actor Randeep Hooda who is also an important part of the film’s cast. This shoot took place in Old Delhi. As per a source, “The looks of Salman Khan are entirely different in Kick. He had decided not to paste-up beard this time. So, he had grown a real beard and moustache. He will be seen with the French beard for about 35-40 minutes of the film and will also be wearing an ear ring in the film.”Sajid Nadiadwala

This time superstar Salman Khan was shooting for Sajid Nadiadwala’s Kick at Rajpath in Delhi on 16th March, Sunday, but not on a bicycle. His vehicle was a two-in-one automobile. Actually, Sajid had got it modified specially for the shoot. It was a bike-cum-car. Dressed in casual jean, red shirt, and black shades, Salman rode the unusual vehicle that had the back end of a car attached to a heavy-duty bike. The gorgeous Sri Lankan model Jacqueline Fernandez who plays the lead role in Kick also sat in the pillion leaning on her co-star Salman Khan. While the entire crew was shooting for a scene that showed the two stars on this strangely modified automobile, a crowd of spectators gathered to have a look. They were not only excited to see Salman and Jacqueline, but also the vehicle.

Sajid Nadiadwala’s Kick is slated to release in July this year!

Changing maximum locations to shoot films seems to be a new trend in Bollywood these days. Filmmakers want their movies to look the best as far as the backdrop is concerned. This makes the entire scenario look very fresh and appealing on the big screen. This is the reason that producers and directors do not mind investing additional time in finalizing attractive shooting locations and keep moving from one to another. Similarly, having shot his directorial debut at multiple sets and locations like London, Mumbai, and Karjat, film producer Sajid Nadiadwala is currently filming Kick in Old Delhi. The producer has stepped into the shoes of a director for the first time with Kick and therefore, does not want to leave any stone unturned. Kick features actors Salman Khan, Jacqueline Fernandez, and Randeep Hooda in the lead. Sajid Nadiadwala kick

Recently, Salman Khan along with co-actor Randeep Hooda and his producer-director for Kick Sajid Nadiadwala were spotted shooting a scene for the film in Old Delhi. The shoot was taking place near the Fatehpuri Masjid in Chandni Chowk on Sunday morning. The shoot for Kick had started at the location early in the morning on Sunday and is said to go on for the next 10 days. All the action scenes were filmed on the rooftops of Chandni Chowk. The scene had Salman riding his bicycle while being chased by Randeep. Confirming the news, a source said, “The by-lanes of Old Delhi recently saw Salman Khan along with co-actor Randeep Hooda, producer and director Sajid Nadiadwala, line producer Ravi Sarin and other members of the cast and crew of Kick, shooting for several action sequences. Khan was seen on a bicycle, sporting a mask, while Hooda was spotted chasing him for a scene.”

People of Old Delhi had gathered on rooftops of surrounding buildings to have a glimpse of the actors. The Sajid Nadiadwala directed and produced movie Kick is slated to release on 25th July this year!

It is not only filmmaker Sajid Nadiadwala, but also his friend Jackie Shroff, who is expecting a lot from the next Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. production Heropanti. This film is a launch vehicle for debutant Tiger Shroff, who is actually Jackie’s son. Also, debuting in Bollywood opposite Tiger in Heropanti is the south actress and model Kriti Sanon. Many people from the industry are willing to support this debut film of Tiger Shroff and promote them both well. They think that Heropanti is going to be a huge launch for the talented newcomer. Tiger has put in much effort to prove himself in B-town with this action romance flick. Director Sabbir Khan has directed this movie, who is a personal favourite of Sajid. As per an insider Tiger’s father Jackie Shroff has been getting a lot of calls frequently to offer help in promoting his son’s movie.

Sajid Nadiadwal and Jackie ShroffHowever, Sajid Nadiadwala thinks that none other than Jackie himself can be the right person to promote Heropanti. Proving his point the ace film producer says, “Everyone in the industry has reached out to Jackie Shroff wishing to extend their support to Tiger Shroff, who they feel will be the biggest launch of this year. Nevertheless, Jackie enjoys a huge amount of goodwill in our industry. The industry is looking forward for his son, Tiger’s launch. We are keen for his parents to be part of this at every step.” Both Sajid and Jackie are deeply overwhelmed with such a response from the Bollywood insiders, way before the film’s release. There is something that Tiger possesses, which makes everyone expect so much from him. He is a charming star kid, who will surely make it big in the industry with his pure acting skills and hard work. You will have to watch Heropanti, which releases on 16th May this year to know how Tiger creates an impression on the audience!

Alia Bhatt, who is basking in the success of her latest release Highway, spoke to a monthly magazine recently about her experience being Veera, the city slicker, in Highway and Ananya, the Tamilian Brahmin girl in 2 States. In her first three movies itself, she has gotten an opportunity to work with big banners like Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions and Sajid Nadiadwala’s Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment Pvt Ltd. alia-bhatt

Speaking about Highway, which was presented by Sajid Nadiadwala worldwide, she said, “Highway is special. It feels nice when people notice the hard work that has been put into the performance. I’m thrilled that close friends and associates have liked the film. I’ve invested a lot in my character – Veera Tripathi.” She added, “I don’t consider Highway to be just a film; it has been a transition, a life-changing experience. I became so much more comfortable with myself while doing it. By the end of the film I could sleep under a tree, eat my lunch alone facing the mountains. Also, I had never seen India at a stretch. With Highway, I travelled from Delhi, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh to Kashmir. The most prominent aspect of my journey was the women of the country. They work in the fields, walk in the hills, cut wood and do all things possible under the sun. I was so inspired.”

Talking about her next release 2 Sates, which is co-produced by Karan Johar and Sajid Nadiadwala, she said, “That’s a different zone altogether. I’m playing an interesting character (Ananya). She’s a feminist; opinionated, steady and a correct person. Ananya is not a Tamilian caricature. She’s not like Deepika Padukone in Chennai Express. She’s a modern day Tam Bram. She speaks Tamil fluently only with her family.” The 20 year old actor said she does not like to be compared to anyone. “I’m sick of being compared to Kareena Kapoor. I can imagine how irritated she must be. She’s in a different league altogether. No one can be compared to her. I’m a huge fan of Kareena Kapoor Khan. But I’m not trying to be like her because no one can. There’s only one Kareena Kapoor,” she said.

Salman Khan is one of those celebrities of Bollywood who is so much cooler than the others. His fans love him for what he is as a human. In fact, he has fans within the industry too and vice versa. Recently, he was shooting at Mehboob Studios for his upcoming film Kick, which is being directed by film producer Sajid Nadiadwala. He got to hear that actors Alia Bhatt and Arjun Kapoor are also present at the same venue doing a promotional photo shoot for their movie 2 States. This is also a film being made under Sajid’s banner Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. As soon as Salman got to know about the newbie actors’ presence at the studio, he decided to visit them. So was the charming Khan a guest of honour on the sets of 2 States, Well, no! Actually, his love for these two young talents made him so excited that he did not want to lose a chance to meet them, especially when he was right there.

When Salman Khan visited Alia and Arjun on the set, everybody went mad. They all looked like those typical star struck fans including these two newcomers. Everyone posed with Salman to get them clicked with the superstar. Explaining about the entire scenario a source said, “In fact, Arjun, who has been close to the Khan family for years, didn’t have a photograph of his with Salman. So, he grabbed the opportunity to get one quickly. Then bhai left on his motorcycle with a cavalcade of cars following him, leaving a dust storm behind.” 2 States is a screen adaptation of the book written by Chetan Bhagat, which filmmakers Sajid Nadiadwala and Karan Johar are co-producing. The promotional photo shoot at Mehboob Studios was for the same film. This Alia Bhatt and Arjun Kapoor starrer romantic flick will release on 18th April this year!