Will Jacqueline Fernandez lose out on ‘Roy’ due to Sajid Nadiadwala’s ‘Kick’?

Jacqueline Fernandez, the Sri Lankan beauty who already got kicked out of the Temptations tour to Malaysia this year because of a date dilemma, seems to be in the same situation again. She was replaced by actress Bipasha Basu for the tour as the same dates were allotted to shoot for the Sajid Nadiadwala directorial debut Kick. Being cast opposite Salman Khan under a big banner like Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., Jacqueline chose Kick over the Temptations tour. However, this time it is another movie that too opposite Ranbir Kapoor, which seems to have put the leading lady of Kick in trouble. The actress is doing a film named Roy with Ranbir, shooting for which has been getting delayed ever since the Salman Khan starrer Kick’s schedule went tipsy. As per a source “Ranbir has to shoot for around 20 days for Roy. He had allotted the dates to Vikram, and they were in sync with Jacqueline’s. But Kick’s schedule has gone haywire and is now eating into these dates. That created some amount of panic since it is not easy getting RK’s dates.”


Wishing to solve the same issue, Vikram met producer Bhushan Kumar to discuss on the matter. The source added, “They were even contemplating a replacement for Jacqueline.” However, Vikram wants to give Jacqueline a chance and wait till she winds up shooting with Salman Khan for Kick.  Commenting on this decision, a source said, “But Salman is a moody star and there is a possibility that Roy will have to wait till June for Jacqueline. That is cutting it a little too fine since the film’s release is scheduled for September.” Hesitant over revealing any more details about the meeting, Vikram only said, “Jacqueline will be a part of the film. I am having a meeting with Kick’s producer-director Sajid Nadiadwala and I am sure we will sort this out amicably.” So let us just wait and watch whether Jacqueline Fernandez loses out on Roy as well or manages to stick back!


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