Was Salman Khan the guest of honour on the sets of Sajid Nadiadwala and Karan Johar’s ‘2 States’?

Salman Khan is one of those celebrities of Bollywood who is so much cooler than the others. His fans love him for what he is as a human. In fact, he has fans within the industry too and vice versa. Recently, he was shooting at Mehboob Studios for his upcoming film Kick, which is being directed by film producer Sajid Nadiadwala. He got to hear that actors Alia Bhatt and Arjun Kapoor are also present at the same venue doing a promotional photo shoot for their movie 2 States. This is also a film being made under Sajid’s banner Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. As soon as Salman got to know about the newbie actors’ presence at the studio, he decided to visit them. So was the charming Khan a guest of honour on the sets of 2 States, Well, no! Actually, his love for these two young talents made him so excited that he did not want to lose a chance to meet them, especially when he was right there.

When Salman Khan visited Alia and Arjun on the set, everybody went mad. They all looked like those typical star struck fans including these two newcomers. Everyone posed with Salman to get them clicked with the superstar. Explaining about the entire scenario a source said, “In fact, Arjun, who has been close to the Khan family for years, didn’t have a photograph of his with Salman. So, he grabbed the opportunity to get one quickly. Then bhai left on his motorcycle with a cavalcade of cars following him, leaving a dust storm behind.” 2 States is a screen adaptation of the book written by Chetan Bhagat, which filmmakers Sajid Nadiadwala and Karan Johar are co-producing. The promotional photo shoot at Mehboob Studios was for the same film. This Alia Bhatt and Arjun Kapoor starrer romantic flick will release on 18th April this year!


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